A Place Glowing a Brilliant Red

Out on: World Local Records


1. Prelude

2. Here Is Everywhere

3. Act I Interlude I

4. Life Seeds Life

5. Act I Interlude II

6. Spacefaring Civilization

7. Act I Interlude III

8. A Place That Glows a Brilliant Red

9. Act II Prelude

10. Exclusion

11. Act II Interlude I

12. Jungles of the Tharsis

13. Act II Interlude II

14. Far Ashore

15. Act III Prelude

16. The World of Steady Supply

17. Act III Interlude I

18. Seizo

19. Act III Interlude II

20. Collisional Cascading

21. Act III Interlude III

22. The Earthlings

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A Place Glowing a Brilliant Red is a concept album about a civilisation of humans that colonises planet Mars. Set in the near future, we follow the development and the independence movement of this new society. As it slowly breaks up its economic ties with Earth, the society experiences an economic collapse. Although slow, this leads to a middle age period where the society, on the terraformed planet, breaks apart and establishes small city state like kingdoms and tribal societies. After thousands of years, new technological, and above all bureaucratic developments lead to a new Mars, a unified technocratic, developed, progressive society. The society enjoys past times such as having a weekend at an electronic store. Soon they discover their roots on planet Earth.


Maja Rivić – vocals
Andrew Linham – clarinet
Daniel Woodfield – alto sax / soprano sax
David Turay – alto sax / soprano sax (Movements I, II, III, IV, VIII, IX, XI)
Jessamy Holder – alto sax (Movements II, V, VI, VII, X)
Rob Milne – tenor sax / clarinet / bass clarinet
Marin Galan – tenor sax (Movements I, III, IV, VIII, IX, XI)
Adele Lloyd – tenor sax (Movements II, V, VI, VII, IX)
Leon Bovell – baritone sax (Movements I, III, IV, VIII, IX, XI)
Seb Silas – baritone sax (Movements II, V, VI, VII, X)
Sam Warner – trumpet
Andy Hall – trumpet
Patrick Kenny – trombone
Theon Cross – tuba
Leon Røsten – piano
Rohit Nijhawan – guitars
Andres Castellanos – el.bass
Troels Lund Sørensen – drums
Rochelle Anne Swanson – vocals (Movement VIII)
Shama Rahman – narration
Mak Murtić – musical direction, composition, arrangement, lyrics

Recorded, mixed and mastered at SAE London, UK in 2013.
Sound Engineers: Martin Merenyi and Gabor Halasz.


Release: WLR00002

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